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Karaoke Rentals

Home System

Intermediate, compact design offering upgraded
sound quality. Great for kids, family or adult parties
at home or in a small party room up to 50 guests.

Features Included:
     • Full featured Karaoke player pre-laoded with 2600
       high quality popular songs (no discs to change)
     • 6 catalogues by artist and title
       See music selection from the 50's to now!
     • 100-watt amp/mixer with 12-inch speaker in one unit
     • 2 Mics and 2 volume controls for duets
     • Easy to set-up and operate
     • Extra mic and back up cables
     • Free TV monitor, if required

     • System compatible with laptops, iPods and mp3 players

No deposit required – all fees plus tax
Rental includes demonstration and training

     • Delivery, set up, testing, training and pick-up available
       by a qualified technician
Contact us for delivery fees plus Karaoke New Years rates


Amp Mixer and Speaker
  Amp / mixer / speaker weighs under 38lbs
Complete system is easy to transport in a car

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