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  How it works      
  Build your casino to an exciting conclusion with a prize draw that allows everyone a chance to win. We recommend one (1) prize for every 10-20 guests plus a grand prize for the final draw.

Why do people cash in their chips for draw tickets?
A few guests won’t gamble so we provide them a means of staying involved via their eligibility to win prizes. This principle also applies to less experienced and unlucky gamblers who may get discouraged. Our dealers will exchange chips for draw tickets and everyone is qualified to win

To keep the action going we have helpful information signs at the tables, custom colour chips and the dealers are trained in the draw ticket system. Players prefer to keep the money system simple and realistic to get an authentic casino experience. We recommend guests receive $100 to start. If they run out and there is room available at the tables there are ways they can get more money!

       • We provide   Green chips $5   Yellow chips $25   Black chips $50
       • Players can bet from $5 to $25
       • Bonus draw tickets can be won at all games.
       • 1 draw ticket for $20 in casino money (less tickets, faster draws, more excitement)
       • We also supply 3 different colours of draw tickets (helps speed up the draws)
       • Guests receive a $100 coupon as they enter the Casino
       • If guests choose not to gamble they can cash the coupon in for draw tickets

Please notify us before the casino starts if you know a lot of guests will have to leave early. We can arrange for them to receive both halves of the draw ticket. They can write their name and phone number on the back so you can contact them if they win.

The draw ticket system has been very successful for Nightlife; we have used it hundreds of times. Organizers like it because it’s simple, easy and gives everyone a fair chance at winning the prizes, thus eliminating the possibility of complaints. Occasionally some clients have come up with variations on this system. If you want to make changes to the draw ticket system please discuss it with us in advance so we can prepare. An organized casino results in a successful and exciting event for everyone involved.

Sample coupon…We always have coupons available at the event or if you choose you can come up with your own special coupon by using the information available on this sample.

Casino Coupon

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