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“Reduce Your Stress” – Special Rental Offer
No Daily Rental Fees Means No Rush!

24/7 Contact us - 1-888-810-8223
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“Reduce Your Stress” – Special Rental Offer
No Daily Rental Fees Means No Rush!

Nightlife Fun Casinos 

Contact us 24/7 toll free at 1-888-810-8223 or e-mail info@nightlifeinc.com

Combine an assortment of fun and exciting casino games attended by friendly professional dealers. Throw in a polished DJ - Emcee / Motivator, some lively background music, a couple of interactive entertainment options and your guests will feel like they’re experiencing the real deal. Nightlife has run thousands of successful Fun Casinos and Poker Tournaments over the last 25 years! We specialize in professionally organized and executed  "no stress events"


"No license required to host a Fun Casino Event"

Create you own special event from our Interactive Entertainment Options

Choose from...

  • A Large Variety of Fun Casino Games
  • Hold'em Poker Tables
  • DJ - Emcee / Motivators with Lively Background Music - Dancing | Music Videos | Karaoke | Video Horse Races
  • Trivia Stations
  • Trivia Shows
  • Photobooths
  • Virtual Reality Games
  • Mini Putt Challenge
  • The Amazing Name Reader

Gamblers, novices and even non gamblers will find something fun and entertaining at a Nightlife Casino. For more information on all our entertainment options check the link above under Interactive Entertainment. Nightlife specializes in "no stress" fun casinos with the emphasis on fun, so novices are welcome and our dealers are patient and happy to teach the games!

Fun Casino Tables with Friendly Professional Dealers - for up to 3 hours from $250.00  each. All prices are for GTA and local surrounding area.

  • Choose from Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Hold’em Poker, 3 Card Poker, Roulette, Let it Ride and Caribbean Stud.
  • Novice games - Casino War plus several easy to learn and fun to play exclusive Wheel and Dice Games.
  • We can even host a mini poker tournament in a poker lounge area for those poker fans at your event.
  • All casino tables can hold up to 7 players while Hold’em Poker holds up to 9 players

Relief Dealer / Supervisor  - this is a required team member at most events
Relief dealers help cash in chips and coupons, supply necessary breaks, and restock supplies (chips, tickets etc)

Delivery set-up and pickup
Travel expenses as required by size of casino and distance from our home base

Casino Craps

Large Craps Table with 2 Dealers - $475.00  Exciting and lively traditional Vegas game - holds 7+

Single Dealer Tabletop Craps with 1 Dealer - $325.00  Save money, save space, good for novices and experienced players - holds 7


Some information about running a Fun Casino Event…

Guests at the gaming tables always enjoy our friendly dealers which is why we also like to offer our clients alternative interactive entertainment and games for those guests not gambling. Gets everyone involved and can sometimes save money as well!

  • We specialize in Interactive Events. We have made it our mission to construct entertainment packages that work seamlessly together so everyone can relax and have fun, including the event coordinators!
  • Everyone enjoys a happy ending. Help your guests to a happy ending by concluding your event with every guest involved. Read more about this below...
  • We have a variety of games in both interactive stand up tables and classic sit down tables or mix and match, all games hold a minimum of 7 players.
  • Depending on the type of event and the available space, we can design a casino to suit any requirements.
  • Note…you can add or subtract casino tables as you require, we can help you choose a combination of the most popular games.
    Don’t stress over unforeseen changes! We are flexible with the number and choice of casino games for up to 3 weeks before your event.

Happy Ending "Prize Draws"

Our solution to wrap up your event with a fair and exciting happy ending…In over 25 years of Casino Events and Parties we have had many, many compliments on this simple and easy program!

  • To start the party everyone receives a Nightlife Casino coupon good for $100 in chips or 5 draw tickets.
  • If a guest runs out of money we will arrange to give them more!
  • Our goal is to create a sense of real casino gaming while still keeping it fun!
  • Our other important goal is to keep non-gamblers involved so everyone has a great event.
  • To help keep everyone involved, every guest is eligible to win the prizes whether they gamble or not!
  • For the gamblers all our all our fun casino games have bonus ways to win extra draw tickets.
  • The more tickets you have the better your odds of winning a prize! This satisfies the competitive aspect for more experienced gamblers.
  • If you add an Interactive Game like Video Horse Races or a Trivia Station guests can participate and win extra draw tickets without risking their casino money – this is popular among non gamblers.
  • At the end of the event all guests cash in their chips and coupons for draw tickets to participate in the prize draws.
  • Since it’s a draw and we ensure everyone has tickets, anyone can win - providing your guests with a fair, exciting and stress free ending!
  • We supply the draw tickets in several colours. First we announce a colour, then the number to speed up the draws and increase the excitement!