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“Reduce Your Stress” – Special Rental Offer
No Daily Rental Fees Means No Rush!

Twenty five years, thousands of casinos and one fair and simple program!

Our guarantee - "Your casino night will be a fun and exciting experience for every guest”

What is gambling…

Gambling is the wagering of money or something of value (referred to as "the stakes") on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning money or material goods. Gambling thus requires three elements to be present: consideration, chance and reward.


We’ve done the math…

One $100 coupon allows a player up to 20 x $5 bets. Without winning a single bet this coupon could last a player for up to 1 hour - 1 bet/every 3 minutes x (20 - $5 bets) = 60 minutes. If they only win 50% of the bets, that’s an hour and a half at the tables. A large percentage of players never need any more than one $100 coupon to see them through the whole night.

Please be advised distributing too much money to start will eliminate consideration, chance and turnover!


Keeping it real and simple…

We considered making the coupon a thousand or a million dollars but we settled on $100. We found $1, $5, $25, $50 and $100 chips and coupons are easy numbers for guests and dealers to work with without spending valuable casino time explaining and calculating unrealistic amounts of funny money and complicated payouts and prize schemes. Keep it simple, keep all guests involved and everyone will have a great time!


Creating turnover so more guests can play…

If a guest runs out of money they have to leave the table and seek another coupon either from an organizer or one of our representatives. There is no problem giving them another coupon and hopefully they will have better luck their second time around. The benefit is…When they leave the table to find another coupon they give another guest a chance to take their place which creates for some valuable turnover.


We’re here to deal…

When guests have multiple coupons to start and are not able to use them they often want to cash out their coupons while dealers are busy trying to deal. This constant interruption takes time and can frustrate guests who are playing. One coupon is enough to start the casino up and to avoid turning the dealers into cashiers.


Why have prizes, can’t we just play for fun…

Gambling requires three elements to be present: consideration, chance and reward. One of the first questions guests ask the dealers is “what do we win”. Since “reward” is the third and most important element of gambling if there are no prizes they very often lose interest in playing. We have found that the number and type of prizes are not paramount to players, although helpful, they mainly just want to know there is a possible reward for spending time gambling.


In the end…

We cash out all chips and coupons for draw tickets so every guest has a chance to win. Since the ending is a fair and simple draw it encourages all guests to get involved and participate in the event (experienced gamblers, novices and non gamblers) and because it’s a lucky draw everyone has a chance to win, creating an exciting ending for every guest. Your guests will also stay longer when they know they have a chance to win a prize!

Note* If a guest has no draw tickets we are always happy to reward their participation and bad luck -  so no one is left out!


Our simple lucky draw program has a 100% client satisfaction rating!

Hello Nightlife, our party was a huge success thanks to your team. I really appreciate how well it was done. We have already booked the same caterer and the other ballroom (Ballroom A as it is larger) so that we will have lots of room for next year. Word got out at the company today about how awesome it was so we expect even more will attend next year.

Thanks, Sandra Starr Director of Operations IMBC