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“Reduce Your Stress” – Special Rental Offer
No Daily Rental Fees Means No Rush!

24/7 Contact us - 1-888-810-8223
Mail us- info@nightlifeinc.com

“Reduce Your Stress” – Special Rental Offer
No Daily Rental Fees Means No Rush!

Trivia Station, Trivia Shows, Audience Response Systems and Polling

Contact us 24/7 toll free at 1-888-810-8223  or email us at info@nightlifeinc.com

Trivia Station Host and Remotes

Release that inner trivia buff!


  • Great alternative for guests who love trivia games!
  • We provide a 32" TV on a stand, laptop, hand held multiple choice remotes plus a fun professional operator.
  • Multiple choice question appear on the screen and as players "beat the clock" they are awarded points for correct answers and speed.
  • Our questions and graphics are professionally made buy our own quizmaster.
  • There are a variety of fun, simple and challenging question and a session ends after a predetermined amount of questions are presented.
  • Top players win multiple draw tickets for the highest scores and every player wins at least 1 ticket for participating.
  • Great addition to a casino night for non-gamblers.

Trivia Game Shows with Professional Host

Trivia Remotes

“Beat the Clock” Trivia Show with Professional Host is available for all kinds of applications like

  • Dinner Parties
  • Company Events
  • Weddings
  • Staff Meetings
  • Team Building

Team Table Trivia 

  • Compete in groups for fun and prizes.
  • We can also mix in special questions to personalize your trivia show.
  • We do up to 3 rounds of table trivia at about ½ hour each
  • Every table gets a few draw tickets to start the games and then they compete to accumulate more tickets by placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in each session.
  • At the end of the trivia every table or individual has a chance to win the draw prizes, this is very important to keep everyone involved.
  • Add in an on stage contest for extra points using a volunteer from each table to compete in a fast paced fun and exciting lightning round to help win extra draw tickets for their table.


  • Please Note* Guests are not restricted from getting up to get a drink, use the washroom or do anything else they like while the trivia show is going on.
  • There will always be enough guests engaged at the tables to help answer the questions.
  • Trivia has always been extremely popular, think of all the successful trivia style game shows and board games from the past to now.
  • People love trivia and with the great software, graphics, beat the clock point system and custom multiple choice questions from our trivia master along with easy to use remotes, horse race and final Jeopardy ending we have the most sophisticated live trivia show available!

We are also available for Audience Response Systems | Polling 

Visit us at triviagameshows.ca for more information